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Technical Information 
Piezoelectric Quartz Crystals
Crystal Controlled Oscillators 

Quartz Crystal Industry Links

Links to Professional Organizations and Societies:

Electronics Industries Alliance    (E.I.A.)

Frequency Control Society Homepage     (many useful links)

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers    (IEEE)

International Electrotechnical Commission   (IEC)

International Organization for Standardization   (ISO)

Links to Research and Development Institutions:

Army Research Laboratory   (ARL)

Naval Research Laboratory   (NRL)

National Institute of Standards and Technology   (NIST)

Links to Magazines and Industry Publications:

RF Design Magazine

Microwave Journal

Wireless Design and Development

Wireless Week

Microwaves & RF

Links to Items of Special Interest:

The Constants of Alpha Quartz   by Roger Ward

A History of the Quartz Crystal Industry in the USA   by Dr. Virgil Bottom

The Evolution of the Quartz Crystal Clock   by Warren A. Marrison

Introduction to Quartz Frequency Standards   by Dr. John Vig

Fifty Years of Progress in Quartz Crystal Frequency Standards   by Marvin E. Frerking

Brief History of the Development of Ultra-Precise Oscillators for Ground and Space Applications   by Jerry R.  Norton and Jim M. Cloeren

The Influence of Amateur Radio on the Development of the Commercial Market for Quartz Piezoelectric Resonators in the United States   by Patrick R. Brown N7KRG


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